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Air Packs Order

Note: Please Read The Below Two Comments
The following items cannot be shipped using our services
The following are examples only of what some countries may prohibit (local laws and regulations must be respected)
  • E-Cigarettes & vapor refills
  • Antiques
  • Architectural models
  • Bulk goods (grain etc)
  • Cosmetics
  • Currency (notes, coins, credit cards and travellers cheques)
  • Drugs
  • Food
  • Gold and silver in any form
  • Dangerous goods (including hazardous, combustible or explosive materials)
  • High value, easy to trade computer appliances (such as RAM chips or SIMM’s and central processor units)
  • Plants or animals (live or dead)
  • Livestock
  • Material that could be submitted as pornographic or offensive
  • Sex gadgets
  • Negotiable bonds or other like "valuable papers"
  • Objects of art (paintings/sculptures etc) and fine arts
  • Political material
  • Precious metals, stones or jewellery
  • Other negotiable values
Quick Guideline For Placing An Order –

Please complete the order form below in order to proceed. Please choose the country your want to ship from the dropdown list. Note that not all destinations are currently supported, as indicated on the previous webpage.

Upon choosing your destination country, you may review some initial tax rates and minimum thresholds for your planned shipment. NOTE: Standard Sales Tax Rate is according to the data we obtained and it is absolutely NOT a guarantee for final tax rate charged at your destination country.

Next you will choose how many boxes from each of the 3 offered sizes you would like to ship.

Boxes offered are:

  • Small Box – Weight Capacity of Approx. 20 Lbs. Per Box / Dimensions of 12X12X18 (in inches)
  • Medium Box – Weight Capacity of Approx. 40 Lbs. Per Box / Dimensions of 18X18X16 (in inches)
  • Large Box – Weight Capacity of Approx. 60 Lbs. Per Box / Dimensions of 18X18X24 (in inches)

Please note we are quoting you based on “round numbers” of 20, 40 & 60 Lbs. per box. If there will be higher weight for any of the boxes, the difference will be charged upon concluding your invoice. These 20, 40 & 60 Lbs. per box do act as minimum weight per box for our rates offered.

Then, you will choose if to utilize our own boxes or not. It is highly recommended to use our offered boxes which are custom designed DW (double wall) boxes very much suitable for Int’l Transport.

If you choose Yes to utilize our boxes, please choose to which location in the USA you will require the empty boxes to be delivered? If your state is not listed, please choose the closest one according to the zones listed.

The last step will be to complete your personal details and submit payment via any major credit card to order the service.

Please note that we will charge you for the lowest shipping rate possible upon time of order. If you choose to have the boxes shipped with a more expensive carrier option from the list of carriers / services we offer, you will be billed for the difference in price between the lowest carrier rate and the one you choose.

Note: Final price is based on electronic weigh at the carrier shipping terminal / hub. Contents insurance is optional at rate of 2.50% of your contents value. Any customs duties / other destination country related fees will be due at your destination country before receipt of the boxes.

Very Important –

It is your solely responsibility for the contents you pack inside your boxes. Please always review the lists of prohibited and restricted items for shipping prior to packing them inside your boxes. Also check the regulations of your own county for items shipped, we provide thorough lists per each country in separate e-mail you will receive when we start processing your order. If anything is not clear, please contact your own country customs authorities website to confirm.

Dolphin Express, Inc. has no responsibility of the contents you pack and you are to precisely follow the directions and guidelines always.