Worldwide Shipping

Worldwide Shipping

Dolphin Express is an international freight forwarding company , with offices and logistics centers in the United States and Israel. From its establishment in 1999, Dolphin Express has set targets of excellence in logistics services, including packing, storage, import and export of household goods and commercial shipments. No matter the volume we can assure your satisfaction in price and service. We realize the market size for our competition and have focused the core of our company on customer service. Dolphin Express lives day to day believing that punctuality, honesty and customer care will successfully guide us through the 21st century!

Dolphin Express is known as one of the largest shipping companies to saturate the route between the United States and Israel, simultaneously providing services throughout the world. As ocean freight specialists we are capable of handling shipment sizes from 1 box to several thousand containers. No matter the request size and value every client is treated with the utmost respect and by default provided the same urgent premium level of service.

Staying in business through the ups and downs of our economic times is not by chance. Having over 90% of your business as either referral business or returning clients is the reason our business has been around for so many years! Our clients come back time and time again for the same specialized handling and care for their freight. There is nothing nicer then finding a company that is reliable that allows you your peace of mind in knowing that your request does not need to be managed. From this statement alone we should conclude that their is no irony, freight shipping is what we do best and it is clearly known.

Services offered include:

■ Air freight

■ Sea freight

■ Import and Export services

■ Full container and partial shipments

■ Shipments of individual packages worldwide

■ Customs Brokerage Services

■ Complete door to door service includes packing and supplies

■ Drop-off/pickup to/from our locations

■ Drop-off shipping solution

■ Short and Long term storage solutions