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Q: When do I pay?

A: Payment for shipments will begin during the booking process. Prior to your pickup we will require a deposit in order to secure a pickup date. The day of your packing and pick up we accept the remaining balance due

Q: Should I purchase insurance coverage?

A: Although Dolphin Express has teams of professional packers/movers, it is always best to purchase insurance during any move in the event an accident were to occur

Q: Are shipping companies licensed?

A: Yes, shipping companies must have several licenses depending on their operation. In order to legally ship a container internationally, the shipping company must be licensed by the Federal Maritime Commission (F.M.C.)

Q: What is Door to Door Service?

A: Door to Door Service is the premier service international relocation companies offer to clients who are in need of origin and destination services

Q: What is Origin Service?

A: Origin Service is a term that international relocation companies use to describe the complete process of Packing, Pick Up, Container Loading, Container Haulage, Export Customs / Documentation, Container Booking and Sailing

Q: What is Destination Service?

A: Destination Service is a term that international relocation companies use to describe the complete process of a container arrival Customs Clearance, Container Haulage to agents terminal or clients residence, unloading of container, delivery either inside or curb side, placement of boxes, basic reassembly of furniture and removal of debris

Q: How are items packed?

A: Dolphin Express, Inc. uses Grade A packing materials. For large pieces of furniture our crew is trained to first protect corners and exposed material/wood with cardboard. After securing its protection we carefully wrap the protected item with Kraft Bubble Wrap (one side cardboard paper other side bubble wrap). Dishes and other fragile items are individually wrapped and protected with bubble wrap and tissue paper

Q: Can I ship a car?

A: Yes, Dolphin Express offers both consolidation service for car shipments, Ro-Ro service, and of course Exclusive Container service for auto shipping

Q: How long do shipments take to arrive?

A: Shipping time varies on the destination that you are shipping to. Typically shipments to Europe will take an average time of 15 days. Shipments to the middle east / India will take between 3-4 weeks. Always take in consideration the time required to clear shipments through customs, usually between 7-14 days