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Moving To Israel

With offices both here in the U.S. and Israel, Dolphin Express is the ideal company for handling your relocation to the Holy Land. The advantages of having one company handle the entire move are clear: one company means one contract, no surprises, and top-notch service on both ends.

Whether you’re a returning citizen or a new immigrant we will be able to accommodate your needs and provide all of the necessary information. Our list of testimonials shows a history of satisfied clients and, in fact, we’re proud to say that many of our new clients are referrals.

Our relocation specialists have over 23 years of experience in the international shipping industry, which means you will have the most knowledgeable people overseeing your shipment from beginning to end. We’re fully licensed by the Federal Maritime Commission and are proud members of the IAM (International Association of Movers). For more details on relocating to Israel you can call us at +1.877.430.1300

Our storage facility in Hillside, NJ has more than 19,000 sq ft of secure space, which is ideal for storing your household goods prior to loading them into the container. We also offer short and long term storage in case you need some extra time before moving into your new home. This helps the process of making Aliyah or if you are a Toshav Hozer easier. Shipping household goods and sending packages to Israel has never been easier! We look forward to assisting you with relocating to Israel, whether you are shipping a few packages, the contents of an entire home, or whether you are looking to import your car into Israel.

Dolphin Express works closely with real estate companies in Israel, and we can provide assistance with finding the right home for you and your family. It is recommended to start your moving process early, and we recommend contacting us to get a quote. Also, placing a deposit for your relocation to Israel ensures that you get the move date that you want. Especially in the summer, move dates get filled up weeks and even months in advance.

When shipping your goods overseas, it is vital to follow the customs regulations of that country and fill out all of the necessary forms. Dolphin Express is highly experienced in working with Israeli customs. We will ensure that you receive all forms in a timely manner, assist you with filling them out, and submit them directly to customs through our in-house customs broker.

In Israel, your import rights vary based on whether you’re an immigrant or a returning resident. If you’re a resident, the rights will then depend on the length of your stay abroad.

The following forms are required for a tax-free entry of household goods into Israel:

Immigrant (Oleh Hadash / Work Visa Holder)

  • Valid passport
  • Lease / Contract for an apartment
  • Inventory list
  • Declaration of Personal Import of Goods
  • Power of Attorney
  • New immigrant Certificate (“Teudat Oleh”) or A-1 Visa stamp

The shipper is allowed to send 3 shipments within 3 years of the entry date stated on the “Teudat Oleh.” The shipper must have a lease for a minimum of 1 year.

Returning Israeli Citizen

  • Valid passport
  • Inventory list
  • Declaration of Personal Import of Goods
  • Power of Attorney
  • Passport must be stamped by the Israeli customs authorities, confirming your rights
  • Returning Citizen Certificate (“Teudat Toshav Hozer“)

In order to utilize the import rights, the shipper must have lived outside of Israel for at least two consecutive years. The goods should arrive within 9 months of the shipper’s return to Israel.